About us

Since I was 19 years old, I dreamed about having my own British Longhair cattery. I started learning about breeding and after four years I started looking for my own cats actively. I was looking almost everywhere (Germany, France, Russia, ...). My plan was to buy top quality lines from abroad and bring a new blood to the Czech Republic. After a year of searching I managed to find an appropriate male and also my desired tricolore lady. Another tricolore girl joined us a year later.

We live together in an appartement in Prague. My cats are used to having visits, they like canned meat, raw meat and sometimes even cottage cheese or other treats. Their favorite toy is a laser pointer, but they also love fish poles and little balls. They are able to play with it for hours :)

We don't participate in cat shows. The main reason is that the British Longhair breed is not yet fully recognized by our organization FIFe, therefore we cannot reach the same titles as other breeds. However, visiting shows is stressful for both the owner and the cats. I prefer my cats to be stress free.

All kittens will leave my cattery after reaching 13th week fully vaccinated, dewormed, with a pedigree, microchip and a starting package. All pets leave sterilized.