Joy of Pink Cloud *DE

  • Nickname: Kája
  • Color: blue tortie with white (BLH g 03), chocolate carrier
  • Date of birth: 2. 4. 2016
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Blood group: A
  • Tests: FIV, FeLV, PKD negative (02/2017)
    HCM normal (02/2017, 06/2019)
    Chlamydophila spp., Streptococcus canis negative (02/2018)
  • Pedigree

From the very beginning I desperately wanted to have a tricolore girl. However, it is not really easy to find one - a lot of the tricolore girls are booked even before their birth. Luckily, I managed to find one and that's why Joy joined me and Haddow.

I went for Joy to Germany. The way was long and the little one cried the whole time, but even then she was very curious and she wanted to see everything. It's the same today - her nose is everywhere and nothing stays hidden for her. She loves to steal my cotton swabs and hides them all over our flat.

She knows very well how to wrap me around her little finger. Do you remember Cat in Boots from Shrek movies? Joy can do exactly the same look as he does. Her big sad eyes are so gorgeous that everything is forgotten immediately.

Her official name Joy did not celebrate success, so we call her Kája. But she's a typical cat - when she doesn't want to, you can call her however you want, she just won't hear :)