Nectaé de Bamboo Story *BE

  • Nickname: Neky, Nekynka
  • Color: lilac tortie with white harlequin (BLH j 02), cinnamon carrier
  • Date of birth: 2. 3. 2017
  • Country of origin: Belgium
  • Blood group: A
  • Tests: FIV, FeLV, PKD negative
    HCM sono: normal (06/2019)
  • Pedigree

I brought Neky from Belgium in the beginning of July 2017. It was my first experience with travelling by plane with a cat on board, so I was a bit worried if we make it. Fortunately we had no difficulties during the way.

Neky's adaptation in her new home was really quick. She became friend with Míša and Kája in only one week! At the beginning, Neky was communicating mostly with her cat friends. It was visible that she needs other cats around her. She let me pet her, but not for a long time. However, this changed by some time and nowadays she is always the first one who wishes good morning to me and comes for cuddling to my bed :)

Neky is an eater. She eats everything. And she eats a lot of it. She would prefer to have an unlimited supply of meat to her bowl and she would never left the bowl. She would probably eat until she burst :) Hopefully she will grow into a big cat thanks to it.