We moved from Brno to Prague. My boy Haddow has been neutered. We plan kittens on fall 2019.


5 kittens were born in our cattery! See section Litter A.


We're expecting our first kittens!

In 5 weeks my beautiful Joy will finally become a mom.

Mother: Joy of Pink Cloud*DE, BLH g 03
Father: Nicolas Milusińscy*PL, BLH a 03


Neky and Joy visited their vet to do some genetic and infection tests. They both were very brave and the first results are great (as expected) :)
Neky - FIV a FeLV negative, blood group A
Joy - blood group A


Today I brought a new member of our cat team! Nectaé de Bamboo Story (called Neky) comes from Belgium and she is my second tricolore girl :)


Last week we spent by visiting vets and I am happy to announce the test results!

Haddow Brit Favorite & Joy of Pink Cloud:
FIV, FeLV: negative
PKD: negative (N/N)
HCM Echocardiogram: normal